Contract Sedie and the metal core of the objects

Contract Sedie is a new reality in the production of metal, wood and upholstered furniture for retail and catering businesses.

The company combines the love for contemporary design with a forty years experience in the making of metal products for the construction of public places.

Since 1970 the company deals with the interior design of offices, cinemas, theaters, shops. The merging of the manufacturing experience with the contemporary taste of Contract Sedie reveals the company mission: to produce objects, with the refined craftsmanship, to meet the taste and needs of people that will live the furnished environments.

The desired object

The choice of the desired object is a creative act.

Leafing through our catalog business owners, architects, interior designers and professionals of furniture will decor their environments, according to their tastes and their needs, with confidence in the strength of our objects.

The forty years of experience in metal processing also allows us a complete customization of the Contract Sedie object. Our ability wants to fully meet the creativity, aesthetic taste and spatial needs of the people who come to us.

An eco-frienly made in Italy

Contract Sedie objects are entirely made in Italy and eco-friendly.

All the products in our collection are made from materials that are free of toxic and polluters, the objects are also durable and they resist the effects of time.